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Bill Belichick smears up every morsel of food off plate with his finger (video)


Waste not, want not, right, Bill Belichick?

In all honesty, there really isn’t much to say about this video showing New England Patriots head coach enjoying a quick bite to eat at the NFL Scouting Combine than this…

… ladies and gentlemen, quite possibly the greatest coach in NFL history.

At the same time, Belichick has managed to perfect the “hobo chic” fashion style, so why should it be surprising that he refuses to waste one morsel, one speck, one streak of un-sopped-up sauce when eating?

Speaking of hobos, it would be great to see Belichick dive into a pried-open can of pork and beans while warming himself next to a fire burning in a 50-gallon drum, if that makes sense. A bindle draped over his shoulder while rocking a cut-off sweatshirt may better complete the picture.

The next thing you know, some network’s coverage of the Combine will feature a cutaway of Belichick scrounging through a trash can for a half-eaten pastry, a la George Costanza.

And there would be Rex Ryan hovering over Belichick saying, “Well, you, my rival, have crossed the line that divides man and bum. You are now a bum.”

That would be something.

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