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WWE star continues amusing feud, responds to Jon Stewart’s smack talk (vids)


In what initially appeared to be an innocuous slam — with words, not the move — by a professional wrestler has developed into a delightful, albeit arguably contrived, feud by two people from substantially disparate corners of the pop culture world.

It all began when WWE star Seth Rollins called out Jon Stewart on Monday night during “WWE Raw,” referencing the longtime host’s imminent departure from the Comedy Central program.

“Right now, I am the most talented performer in the entire world. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want,” Rollins proclaimed from the confines of the squared circle, as transcribed by Rolling Stone. “Hell, if I wanted, I could become president. Or I could take over as host of ‘The Daily Show’ for Jon Stewart and make that thing actually watchable.”

Stewart finally responded to Rollins’ taunt, and did so in kind, taking on the aggressive persona more befitting a pro wrestler than esteemed broadcaster.

“Seth Rollins, you’ve made a lot of mistakes in your life: Being a turncoat to the Shield, being a toady for the Authority, not being able to choose which color your hair should be,” Stewart says in a steely voice. “But this is the biggest mistake you ever made … coming after ‘The Daily Show.’ You just stepped in a world of hurt, my friend. A world of hurt even your buddies at J&J Security going to be able to save you from.

“I’m coming for you Rollins, and you’re gonna see it: 160 pounds of dynamite … obviously not dynamite … my bone density is not what it used to be … 160 pounds of wood, a soft wood, like a pine … like a balsa … still, splinters, you know, that’s gonna hurt. My point is, you messed with the wrong guy … and I’m comin’ … and that’s money in the bank, my friend.”

And if anyone thought Stewart’s comically vitriolic rebuttal would be the end of it, well, that person definitely hasn’t watched a lot of WWE.

Like a moth drawn to a flame — or a wrestler well-versed in the world of sports entertainment — Rollins had some comeuppance to deliver in light of Stewart’s taunting comeback. Beginning on Twitter, Rollins made it clear that if Stewart was indeed readying to settle the score with action, not words, he’d be ready for him.

A friendly offer … spiked with foreboding menace.

Rollins then relied upon an appearance Thursday on “TMZ Hollywood Sports” to issue his video-based retort, reiterating his statement that Stewart knows where to find him while cracking wise about Stewart’s collegiate soccer career, his advanced age but also taking the time to compliment Stewart for his video “promo,” albeit suggesting the host’s writers had a hand in the script.

Very entertaining theater. Perhaps once Stewart walks off the stage of “The Daily Show” for the last time, he can begin training in earnest for a showdown with Rollins at an upcoming edition of “WrestleMania.” Instead of a “Chairs Match,” they could call it a “Desks Match.” Or something.

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