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Artist creates dress entirely out of used New York Mets baseballs (pics)


A popular trend in interior design dramatically increasing in popularity over the past few years revolves around the concept of repurposing, taking an otherwise useless or unused object and transforming it into something of valuable use. Who knew the process would find a place in fashion design? Further, how about the item deigned for repurposing being used baseballs, specifically used New York Mets baseballs?

That’s the challenge Jennifer Hitchner, an artist based in Port St. Lucie, Fla., undertook recently after the Mets donated over 130 used baseballs for her unconventional undertaking.

The fascinating, fashion-forward results of Hitchner’s project have begun making the rounds of late, mostly with photographs featuring model Ashley Wright showcasing the dress.


The dress even is autographed by several Mets players, including Matt Harvey, among others (as showcased on Hitchner Art’s Facebook page), with the stated goal of getting the signature of every Mets player during the 2015 MLB season.


Suffice to say, Hitchner hit a home run with this one. In fact, one could opine that her homer was such a remarkable demonstration of power and talent that she tore the cover off ball … or, in this case, about 130-plus balls.

To make the entire project that much more cooler, Hitchner Art is holding a contest where one lucky fan actually can win the “Mets Baseball Dress.” All fans have to do is purchase a ticket to a Mets spring training game at a booth located at Tradition Field, with all proceeds going to Port St. Lucie Little League. Pretty awesome.

[H/T Cut4, photos not otherwise credited courtesy of Hitchner Art]