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Bubba Watson (hopefully) jokes that he once cried in Justin Bieber’s arms


It’s been long known that PGA Tour star Bubba Watson and pop star Justin Bieber were buddies. But who knew just how close the two characters from seemingly two different worlds really are?

Watson made an appearance earlier this week on “Access Hollywood” — of all places — when the topic of his friendship with Bieber became a topic of conversation.

The southpaw long-hitter and two-time Masters champ discussed how he was there at a time when the notorious 20-year-old bad boy currently undergoing a massive image makeover needed a figurative shoulder to cry on … or maybe a literal one.

“Crazy story, I have a friend, a pastor up in Seattle, Judah Smith, and I helped start a little church here at the Montage every Wednesday night, and so I’d kind of run into Bieber through Judah Smith, and we just started talking, just trying to help him,” Watson said. “We all have issues we’re going through … and I tried to give him guidance … let him ask me questions … on how to deal with success.”

Watson said he tried to assist the teen star as follows.

“Have somebody to talk to that’s not going to look down upon him,” the golfer stated. “Let him cry in my arms.”

When asked if Bieber literally cried in his arms, Watson wouldn’t say for certain, instead cracking a relatively self-deprecating joke about the time he spent with Bieber.

“No, but I cried in his. It’s Justin Bieber, you know what I’m saying? Like a little kid in a candy story, you know, it was perfect.”

And how.

While it’s somewhat amusing to imagine either Bieber or Watson — no stranger to waterworks — crying in the arms of the other, the two did strike up a friendship. Watson posted photos of two hanging out on the golf course (above) a few years back and revealed following his 2012 Masters win that the only person he spoke with on the phone was Bieber, who also put Selena Gomez on the call as well.

So, uh, yeah, Bieber and Watson? They’re tight. Watson and Selena Gomez, though? Can’t say for certain, now that the Biebster and her aren’t an item anymore. Or are they? It’s so hard to keep up.

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