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Arianny Celeste and Ronda Rousey appear to be reigniting bitter feud


Arianny Celeste and Ronda Rousey, arguably the two most recognizable women in the male-dominated world of mixed martial arts — UFC in particular — appear to be reigniting a bitter feud.

Things had been remarkably quiet of late in their war of words until Rousey recently made some comments about fighter pay while criticizing the compensation received UFC Octagon Girls, something Celeste, the most famous of the Octagon Girls, clearly did not appreciate.

Rousey, speaking ahead of UFC 184 where she will defend her UFC Women’s Bantamweight title against Cat Zingano, said that even though she’s happy with her income, she doesn’t believe any UFC fighter should earn less than whatever the Octagon Girls make.

“I think that they should get paid more than the ring girls,” Rousey said Wednesday at a UFC 184 media day. “And I don’t know if the ring girls get paid too much or the fighters don’t get paid enough. But yeah. There’s definitely a lot more in what the fighters do than what they do. So, I think that’s one thing that’s unfair.”

As noted by MMA Fighting, it’s unclear exactly how much Octagon Girls earn, but Rousey isn’t the first fighter to complain about ring girl compensation.

Either way, Celeste wasn’t impressed with Rousey’s comments, slamming them in a series of posts via her official Twitter account.

“…pretty positive we don’t get paid more than fighters,” Celeste writes. “I work my ass off outside of Ufc not sure if anyone notices … TALK Is CHEAP.”

Celeste defended herself and her income, while making a classic observation about assumptions.

“Everything I have I’ve worked hard for. I support my family. I’m happy,” Celeste continued. “Assumptions makes asses out of everyone.”

As noted, there has been bad blood between Celeste and Rousey for some time and it came to a head in 2014. Celeste made some pretty damning comments about Rousey  in light of some critical comments the fighter had made about her.

“I don’t really like the way she carries herself,” Celeste said at the time, via MMA Junkie. “I don’t think she’s a good role model for women. I think that women should empower each other and give each other a little pat on the back.”

“I’ve personally been talked about by her, and I don’t even know her,” Celeste added. “I’ve met her twice. She said a couple things in her Maxim interview. A lot of people pointed it out to me, but I didn’t really acknowledge it.”

Rousey and Celeste both were featured in Maxim’s “Hot 100” list in 2012. Rousey stated she thought Celeste was “undeserving” of her ranking and joked that it would have been amusing had she ranked higher than the Octagon Girl.

“It would have been really funny if I’d beaten Arianny Celeste, because that would be like a triathlete coming along and beating the runners in a marathon,” Rousey said. “Like, ‘Ha-ha, it’s your job to show your ti**ies—I do that better than you!’ Maybe next year. She’s only getting older, and I’m reaching my prime.”

Rousey had previously ripped Celeste and other Octagon Girls in 2012 when she said, “There’s a reason why the ring girls aren’t asked to star in movies, and it’s because they’re pretty but talentless.”

Coming back to the recent past, when Rousey was asked about Celeste’s comments about her not being a good role model, she took another scathing potshot.

“Those comments from the Maxim thing, that was from 12 months ago … did it take a year for her to come up with a comeback?” Pressed on the comeback, Rousey said, “They [the comments] made grammatical sense which is good for her.”

That’s some next-level smack talk right there. And from the looks of what’s been happening this week, another round of back-and-forth verbal battles may be in the offing.

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