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Handwriting expert on Alex Rodriguez’s letter: ‘He writes like a girl’


Much has been made of the substance contained in the apology letter Alex Rodriguez offered up as a mea culpa of sorts for his various transgressions. Some have criticized the note A-Rod penned as insufficient, even insincere. Others have praised the baseball pariah for at least making an effort to own up to the errors of the past, the “mistakes that led to my suspension” in his own words.

But a letter of such relative importance apparently also deserves further investigation, a scholarly analysis that goes far beyond its substance and tone. Given that Rodriguez elected to issue his apology in the form of a handwritten letter, the style of his note has been interpreted as well, by a “certified master graphologist” — a handwriting expert, in layman’s terms — even.


The Wall Street Journal enlisted the services and expertise of Paula A. Sassi, a certified master graphologist in practice for over 35 years. Her interpretation of A-Rod’s penmanship? Overtly feminine.

“He writes like a girl,” Sassi told WSJ. “Feminine writing is more rounded, with a lot of connections, which he has throughout this. And a right slant. Masculine writing tends to be more angled, straight up and down, maybe printed.”

Rodriguez arguably chose a handwritten note to make it seem more personal, more intimate — his decision to sign it solely with “Alex” bolsters the hunch, but apparently had he simply printed it would have appeared more manly.

Sassi also notes that other inferences about Rodriguez can be made from his handwriting, specifically as it pertains to a perceived, over-enhanced sense of self.

“The capital ‘I’s’—that’s where you see the personal ego,” Sassi observed. “This is probably what gets him into trouble. He has a very strong-willed, independent ego. They’re so large, and printed. That’s the kind of capital ‘I’ where you say they’re very independent, and strong-willed.”

Additional observations made by Sassi regarding the letter suggest that Rodriguez may be self-conscious and protective. She also notes how aspects of his “Alex” signature are very telling as well, demonstrating characteristics of a person who holds “people at arm’s distance” and is “very secretive.”

Sassi also infers that Rodriguez may still be upset that he had to forfeit salary while serving his season-long suspension.

“Do you see that little hook where he writes ‘the players’?” Sassi said. “That is called an acquisitive hook. That is characteristic of people who seek to take, or obtain. I don’t know if he was earning any money on his suspension, but he really wants to grab the glory again.”

There you have it. In summary, Alex Rodriguez writes like a girl, has a massive ego, may be reluctant to reveal personal information, can be self-conscious and secretive and has the personality of a taker. That’s what an expert thinks, at least.