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Islanders fan reveals son was conceived in Nassau Coliseum parking lot (video)


With the New York Islanders set to relocate to fancier digs when the team sets up shop at Barclays Center in Brooklyn for the 2015-16 NHL season, the team’s devoted and long-suffering fan base are going through something of a grieving period as it collectively recollects all the great memories from the team’s run in Long Island inside the dilapidated Nassau Coliseum, the team’s longtime home.

And in some cases, the memories that come flooding back arguably are better saved for the company of friends and family — if that — not to be broadcast on television.

Unfortunately for the son of Joy Rosen, who was interviewed during the telecast of the team’s tilt against the New York Rangers on Monday night, a lot more people than he’d likely prefer now know courtesy of his mother’s admission that she and his daddy got frisky in the arena’s parking lot.

“Back in 1982, my son was conceived back in that parking lot here at an Islander game,” said Rosen. “I went into labor during the Stanley Cup game … 1982-1983 season … false labor, was able to come back for the last game and watch the Islanders win their next Stanley Cup.”

Ah, you can almost picture the romantic scene … okay, actually not so much.

Mrs. Rosen is referring to when the Islanders won its fourth-straight Stanley Cup championship courtesy of a four-game sweep of the Edmonton Oilers.

Given that Rosen’s son now is in his 30s, it’s going to take another 30 years to get over the colossal embarrassment of his mother’s admission she got knocked up in the Coliseum’s parking lot. Great googly moogly.

The team may be packing up and shipping off to Brooklyn next season, but the memories — even profoundly awkward ones — will endure.