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Horndogging couple allegedly had sex in Neyland Stadium press box


A couple who evidently couldn’t wait for a more appropriate locale — or were acting out some kind of football field-related fantasy — allegedly engaged in some sexual escapades within the confines of the press box at Neyland Stadium, the home field of the Tennessee Volunteers football team.

Evidence of the supposed stadium tryst, which occurred on Valentine’s Day in an otherwise mostly empty stadium, was posted to Snapchat Saturday and disseminated to followers of an account called “Volnationsnaps,” according to a report from The Tennessean. A screenshot of the since-deleted post was subsequently uploaded to Instagram by user “PuppyGotInk,” which also was deleted on Monday.

The Tennessean stated that an image of the apparent sexual indiscretion was not published because it’s unclear if the woman involved in the hanky panky was aware that a photograph was being taken.

The report also indicates that it is unknown how the amorous couple gained access to the press box, although there was a lunch event held in the stadium’s west club that day. A University of Tennessee Police Department spokesperson told the paper that no reports related to any sexy shenanigans —  nor of any other variety, for that matter — were reported over the weekend.

In any event, it appears that the quasi-exhibitionist couple at this point may be “getting off” scot-free, despite the very public nature of their proclivity for press box dalliance.

[H/T Dr. Saturday]