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Alex Rodriguez considering using Derek Jeter’s website for public apology


As Alex Rodriguez tries to nimbly navigate the treacherous road ahead of him as he makes his return to Major League Baseball after serving a one-year suspension — which hasn’t been the smoothest reintegration up to this point— the New York Yankees reportedly have provided him the option of making a public apology for his past transgressions, even offering up Yankee Stadium as a location to do so.

According to multiple reports out of New York, A-Rod may instead opt to rely upon Derek Jeter’s website, The Players Tribune, to articulate his message to fans.

While it is unclear exactly what form the content and substance of Rodriguez’s so-called apology would take, given that most essays written by pro athletes posted on Jeter’s site have taken the form of first-person narrative, it would mean that A-Rod could much more easily control the message.

Even better for A-Rod, doing it in this manner would mean he wouldn’t have to face a hostile horde of media members as he issued this apology. Once the Yankees begin spring training in Florida, though, it’s a certainty Rodriguez won’t be able to avoid the media forever and will face some very tough questions from some very aggressive reporters.

High-profile athletes the likes of Tiger WoodsRussell WilsonBlake Griffin and Kevin Love, among others, have penned pieces for The Players Tribune since Jeter launched the site shortly after his retirement. The essays have all taken the form of the aforementioned first-person narrative, and in one case — the Tiger Woods piece — the site was utilized as a forum to settle a score of sorts in unfiltered form.

If Jeter and the TPT’s powers-that-be agree to allow Rodriguez the opportunity to state his case and issue his apology in this manner, it arguably would be about the best-case scenario for A-Rod, given the anticipated backlash and hostility he is likely to endure upon his controversial return to baseball.

It’s also worth noting that landing Rodriguez’s apology piece would be a huge publicity boon for the website, as readers inevitably would be drawn to the essay to see just what message A-Rod — and his advisers — would choose to convey.