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Scott Fujita links up with Tie the Knot and advocates for marriage equality


By Marty Keiser

Scott Fujita, the former linebacker who spent 11 seasons in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints and Cleveland Browns, is known for his political outspokenness as much as his play on the field. His unique upbringing led to a lifetime dedicated to civil advocacy, whether for his gridiron colleagues as a representative of the player’s union, or as a community leader on the topics of women’s rights, LGBT rights and adoption reform.

Fujita himself was adopted into a Japanese family and grew upobserving traditional Japanese customs and celebrating Japanese festivals and holidays. With this experience influencing his lifestyle and liberal outlook, Fujita quite simply supports the rights of any family. “One of the reasons I’m so passionate about advocating for marriage equality is because it helps bring families together.” says Scott.

Recently, Fujita teamed up with the fashion and socially progressive organization Tie The Knot to design the Scott Fujita – a bow-tie with the yin-yang symbol of balance, harmony and equality. Tie The Knot was founded by actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson of “Modern Family’ and his husband Justin Mikita. The mission of Tie The Knot is “to advocate for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans throughout the United States & beyond, and to look damn good while doing it.”

Furthermore, with an expression of open-mindedness on the subject of love and as a precursor to Valentine’s Day, Tie The Knot tweeted this quote by Scott Fujita:

Powerful words indeed.

(Author Note: Marty Keiser is an actor, writer, teacher, and editor at He graduated from Tufts University and has an MFA in Acting from Columbia University. He loves all things football and fantasy football and unfortunately favors Philadelphia sports teams.)