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Rick Carlisle on Chandler Parsons’ style: ‘He has a lot of balls wearing that stuff’


Chandler Parsons will be one of eight fashion-forward NBA stars who will take part in the league’s first-ever fashion show as part of the festivities scheduled for All Star Weekend. Produced by LeBron James’ Springhill Production Company, “NBA All-Star Style” will be held Friday night and is slated to air Saturday night on TNT. It will features three rounds: Dressing for the boardroom, a night-out and attire suitable for game day.

“I have a stylist that’s going to go and dress me for the three different looks,” said Parsons, who has some experience with fashion shows and is excited about the event, via ESPN. “I haven’t seen them yet, so it’s going to be a surprise, but they’re going to be extremely, extremely attractive.”

Given that Parsons recently was named the best-looking NBA player by fans in Japan, his inclusion in the fashion show arguably is both deserving and warranted. But to hear it from his teammate Dirk Nowitzki and head coach Rick Carlisle, perhaps the Dallas Mavericks’ resident style maven may be getting a bit too big for his $400-per-pair britches.

Nowitzki hammered his Mavs teammate ahead of the fashion show, saying the fellas on the squad think he dresses like Justin Bieber.” Nowitzki also noted that Parsons’ jeans, while presumably spendy and arguably fashionable, often leave something to be desired. Nowitzki also apparently once offered Parsons some scissors to cut off his excessively tight skinny jeans, something that makes sense after taking a gander at some of the star’s slacks.

chandler-parsons-clothes chandler-parsons-clothes-2

Carlisle, meanwhile, did not hold back in his honest assessment of some the get-ups Parsons is known to wear from time to time. While he has come to begrudgingly accept some of Parsons’ more outrageous clothing, Carlisle nevertheless noted that the player’s style — while trendy — is under no uncertain terms his kind of style.

“Listen, it’s not my cup of tea, but it doesn’t mean that there’s no value in him wearing that stuff,” Carlisle said. “I wouldn’t say he’s the worst dresser. I would just say he has a lot of balls wearing that stuff.”

Simply put. Let’s just say there likely will never come a day when Parsons and Carlisle show up at the arena sporting the same outfit.