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Leah Still lights up the runway during New York Fashion Week (video)


Leah Still, the four-year-old daughter of Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman Devon Still, continues to dazzle as she warms the hearts and inspires scores of people courtesy of her remarkably courageous battle with cancer. Fresh off a grueling a eight-day stretch of treatments that wrapped up less than a week ago, Leah, who has a rare form of pediatric cancer, strutted her stuff on the runway during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York on Thursday night, charming those in attendance and impressing her proud papa.

Sporting an adorable ensemble consisting of a black vest, blue shirt and brown boots while carrying a guitar, Leah strode up and down the runway to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off.”

Still recorded her runway debut at the “Nike Levi’s Kids Rock Show” at Lincoln Center and posted it to Instagram.

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“My little supermodel,” Still wrote.

Leah’s proud father also proudly gushed over her performance on Twitter, writing, “She looked like a natural” and uploading several photos of both Leah and the two together on the red carpet.

Still described how Leah’s treatments were going during an appearance Friday on NBC’s “TODAY” show.

“She just finished up her first round of her new treatment this past Saturday,” Still said, via ESPN. “She’s going to start back up again this Friday. It went pretty well, so hopefully this takes out a lot of the disease that’s left in her body.”

Leah’s battle with Stage 4 neuroblastoma and the unbreakable bond between father and daughter has been a powerful and moving story since Still’s story first began to surface, inspiring huge monetary donations and raising awareness about pediatric cancer, courtesy of Leah’s remarkable strength and incredible bravery throughout her ordeal.

(top image courtesy of Devon Still/Instagram)