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Bryce Harper looks bulked up, dragging 550 pounds around will do that (vid)


Washington Nationals slugger Bryce Harper looks like he’s putting on a healthy amount of muscle during the offseason. The fact that a component of his presumably grueling workouts includes dragging over 550 pounds across a gym floor probably has something to do with his increasingly more muscular physique.

Harper writes on Instagram that there’s “nothing like pulling 550+ pounds about 30 yards,” before adding, “Good day of work today!” and the hashtags, “#8Days” and “#GetitDone” to the post that documents his superhuman training routine.

A video posted by Bryce Harper (@bharper3407) on

Harper entered the 2014 season — he similarly came into spring training rocking a pretty muscular physique — with a listed weight of 225 pounds. He smacked 13 home runs in 100 games last season, and estimates for both his weight and power output may require an increase heading into 2015 season.

The 22-year-old burgeoning superstar also noted that the particular exercise demonstrated in the above video is called the “human-plate pull,” which differs greatly from this writer’s understanding of that term, which typically involves a gluttonous visit to the local all-you-can-eat buffet.

But Harper clearly marches to a beat of a different drum … a much more tightly stretched, better-toned one. Heading into the 2014 MLB season, Harper summarized his devoted, near maniacal approach to health and fitness — he doesn’t drink booze, Mountain Dew and energy drinks and maintains a strict diet, rarely allowing indulgences like a scoop of ice cream (above) — with the statement, “My body is a temple.”

Indeed. In light of his awe-inspiring workout regimen detailed in the above video, what with the dragging of an insane amount of weight, “My body is a tow truck capable of hauling an RV” may be more apropos. Sure, a wordier motto or creed, but much more accurate.