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Tiger Woods’ presence at Lindsey Vonn’s ski event sparking marriage rumors


Some golf insiders shrugged their shoulders upon learning that Tiger Woods didn’t immediately begin working on his golf game in the wake of Wednesday’s announcement that he was taking a leave of absence from competitive golf.

The slumping golfer instead made trails to Colorado so he could play the role of supportive beau as longtime girlfriend Lindsey Vonn competed in the FIS Alpine skiing world championships in Beaver Creek.

If some “persistent rumors” are to be believed, the timing of Woods’ declaring his leave of absence and his presence in Colorado may not be pure happenstance. According to the New York Daily News, the golfer’s decision to take a break from tournament golf at this specific time somehow indicates that Woods and Vonn are to be married imminently.

Woods again provided a much-noticed buzz with his appearance Thursday on the slopes, although the media onrush didn’t result in injury, something that happened a few weeks ago when Woods had a tooth knocked out after traveling to Italy to make a surprise appearance at one of Vonn’s races.

There was some skepticism expressed about Tiger’s tale concerning how he lost his tooth, but Vonn corroborated his story and Woods indicated that “there was blood everywhere” after a member of the media accidentally drilled him in the mouth with his camera.

Providing additional credence to the currently unsubstantiated marriage rumors is that Vonn will not race in the women’s slalom scheduled for Saturday – Valentine’s Day. This seems to affirm a rumor that’s been floating around since last month — first reported by E! Online — that Woods and Vonn have a plan in place to get married on Valentine’s Day.

Sources within Vonn’s camp denied the rumors of impending nuptials, saying there are no plans for the longtime couple to wed.

Woods’ first marriage to Elin Nordegren — who is mother to the golfer’s two children — of course came to a screeching halt when his wide-ranging infidelity was revealed in late 2009, an embarrassing public relations disaster that caused Woods problems both on and off the course. The scandal had an arguably significant and detrimental effect on his career — although injuries have played a role as well — and it seems as if Tiger (and his game) has not yet recovered from the devastating blow to his once-pristine image. Woods and Nordegren finalized their divorce in August 2010.

Vonn, meanwhile, was divorced from her first husband in January 2013. It was announced by the couple in joint announcements on Facebookthat they were dating a few months later.