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Paul Pierce shoves Drake after rapper crowds him on inbounds play (video)


Paul Pierce had no time or patience for the inappropriate front row antics of Drake during the tense, waning moments of a tight basketball game between the Washington Wizards and Toronto Raptors at Air Canada Centre on Wednesday night. But given the annoyingly foolish conduct of the Toronto-based rapper, it wouldn’t have mattered if Drake’s transgressions occurred during a less stressful moment.

With 12.9 seconds left in the game and the Wizards down two points to the Raptors, Pierce was trying to run an inbounds play when Drake grabbed his arm, prompting the veteran NBA star to shove the rapper.

While Drake’s interference didn’t have any impact on the play, it clearly — and understandably — annoyed Pierce, although Drake’s response to the shove makes it seem as if he thought it was a hilarious and that Pierce shared in his amusement.

Not so much.

The Wizards couldn’t tie or take the lead — John Wall’s three-pointer was off the mark — and the Raptors won 95-93, meaning the team’s disruptive “mascot” got the last laugh, although there really wasn’t anything about what happened that was particularly funny.