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88-year-old mound-charger Lew Dunlap named Rockies fantasy camp MVP (pics)


Lew Dunlap quickly became the coolest senior citizen on the planet after footage surfaced of the spry and spunky 88-year-old “charging” the mound after he was on the receiving end of a high and tight pitch during an at-bat this week at the Colorado Rockies fantasy camp.

In an utter no-brainer, Dunlap of course was named MVP of the fantasy camp, prompting a champagne-soaked celebration during which the cagey senior whooped it up like a man a quarter his age.

Photos documenting the momentous celebration were taken by Jamie Schwaberow of Clarkson Creative and posted to Facebook, Of course, the fantasy campers did in fact “party like it’s 1947.”

lew-dunlap-team lew-dunlap-3 lew-dunlap-2

Schaebow writes on Facebook:

Not sure if you’ve heard this story yet, about a man named Lew Dunlap, but it’s pretty great. He was a camper this year at the Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp in Scottsdale, Ariz. There are plenty of campers, typically 60 or so, but never in my 16 years of covering camp have I witnessed an 88-year-old out there giving it his all. Between almost rushing the mound after an inside pitch, kissing the golden arm of a teammate, celebrating a championship complete with champagne and winning the All-Camp MVP Award, it’s easy to say his week was a success. #youremyboylew #Rockies Jamie Schwaberow/Clarkson Clarkson Creative

Congratulations, Lew. A more deserving recipient of an MVP trophy has never walked this Earth.

And the at-bat antics that started it all.


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