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LeBron James provides glimpse of Kia K900 King James Edition (photo)


LeBron James earlier this year added Kia to his remarkably sizable contingent of business-endorsement partners. The partnership between the Cleveland Cavaliers star and the automaker names James as “Brand Ambassador” for Kia’s line of vehicles, specifically the K900, which was featured in a commercial starring James.

Now comes news that Kia will be releasing a special edition vehicle named in honor of its high-profile endorser, the K900 King James Edition.

James announced the new model on Facebook earlier this week along with a very small sneak peek at the King James Edition.

Via Autoblog:

There’s little to be discerned from the tightly cropped image, but judging from the badge it depicts and the accompanying #K900, it seems like we’ll be looking at a special edition of the Korean automaker’s flagship sedan called the King James Edition – an apparent play on the King James Version of the bible and LeBron’s last name.

Autoblog notes that in James’ social media post that the hashtag, “AllStar2015” is employed, meaning chance are good some measure of promotion and/or further unveiling of the new model will be revealed over the weekend.

Given that the standard K900 retails for about $60,000, chances are good that the King James Edition of the model will fetch a MSRP far exceeding that already-pricey number.