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Dirk Nowitzki says Chandler Parsons ‘dresses like Justin Bieber’


Chandler Parsons will be participating in the NBA’s first-ever fashion show over All-Star Weekend. His Dallas Mavericks teammate, Dirk Nowitzki, either thinks Parsons is a perfect candidate for the event or the worst, depending on how the German views the style of a certain pop star.

“We think he dresses like Justin Bieber,” Nowitzki said when discussing Parsons’ fashion sense, via The Dallas Morning News. “So if you’re into that kind of stuff, then you can vote for him. If you like some grown-man stuff, some slacks and button-downs, then I got him beat.”

Actually, no matter how Nowitzki intended the comparison, being compared to Bieber probably wasn’t viewed by Parsons as a particularly flattering comment.

Nowitzki was asked if one aspect of Parsons’ wardrobe, his jeans, are the worst part of his teammate’s usual ensemble.

“Sometimes, I don’t think the jeans are the worst. The sweaters he wears that are almost down to his knees – female pajamas, I call them – that’s the worst look, his sweaters. His shoe game is OK. Sometimes, it’s too over the top for me. But, like I said, these young boys these days, the flashier, the better.”

Parsons apparently thinks that Nowitzki dresses like an old man, presumably indicating the 26-year-old believes his 36-year-old teammate is something of a square, something arguably confirmed by the fact Nowitzki is a big-time fan of the musical styling of one David Hasselhoff.

Parsons, who recently was named the best-looking NBA player by Japanese fans,  gushed about getting to play with one of his basketball idols when he signed with the Mavs, with Nowitzki noting that his taking a pay cut means Parsons would be paying a lot of meal tabs this season. That’s going to mean a lot less money for the kid to spend on clothes.

(photo credit: Dallas Morning News)