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Nick Young confirms Iggy Azalea’s tale about a dolphin trying to kill him


Delfiniphobia — the fear of dolphins — apparently is a real disorder, affecting scores of individuals terrified of our mammalian, seafaring friends. Count Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young among the condition’s most recognizable sufferers.

It all started when Iggy Azalea, Young’s pop star girlfriend, offered up a tweet on Monday acknowledging that he is scared of dolphins. She then recounted a tale of how a dolphins “tried to kill him once,” adding on Twitter, “I was there and to be fair, it’s true. Now he won’t go on the wild dolphin snorkel tour. LOL.”

While laughing out loud about the plight of a delfiniphobic may not be the most appropriate response, Young did provide his recollection of the terrifying events before the Lakers hosted the Denver Nuggets at Staples Center Tuesday night.

The alleged experience that haunts Young to this day occurred while he and Azaela were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

“He was playing with everybody else, doing what dolphins do — the ‘ack ack’ and all that,” Young said from the Lakers locker room, according to ESPN Los Angeles’ Baxter Holmes. “It was my time to ride the dolphin. For some reason, he took me all the way to the bottom. He was trying to drown me. But I saw it happening so I jumped out of the water and took off the little life vest and threw off my little water shoes and stayed outside.”

Young added that the dolphin was otherwise cooperative and playful with others and only got frisky — or exhibited homicidal tendencies, from Young’s perspective — when he attempted to interact with it.

“He went straight down,” Young said. “He was trying to kill me. I think he was trying to get on Iggy. He was a little friendly, kissing her and stuff. He was trying to take my woman.”

Young’s hopefully joking suspicion that the dolphin was making moves on Azalea notwithstanding, it certainly sounds like a harrowing experience. Unfortunately for his pop princess girlfriend, there certainly doesn’t seem to be any dolphin-related excursions in the couple’s future, because in Young’s eyes, it would be far less “Dolphin Tale” and much more likely to develop into some kind of “Open Water” scenario.

(image credit: Iggy Azaela/Instagram)