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Maple Leafs interim coach: Team’s ‘give-a-s— meter has to be higher’ (video)


The Toronto Maple Leafs fired Randy Carlyle in early January, inserting Peter Horachek in what in hindsight can be considered an unsuccessful effort to provide a jolt to a team that has been under-performing all season.

The decision to give Carlyle his walking papers came to a head after the Leafs dropped 12 of 14 games, a brutal stretch that all but knocked the team out of playoff contention. With Horachek at the helm, the Leafs have lost 12 of their last 13 games, which of course states the obvious: As is often the case, a reason a team is playing terribly is mostly on the players, not the coach, even if a coach is as inept as they come, something Carlyle certainly was not.

Horachek, following the team’s 5-4 home loss to the New York Rangers at the Air Canada Centre, the 55-year-old interim coach appeared to identify the issue with the team: It’s all about effort.

In fact, Horachek used some colorful language to describe the team’s poor performance, as the coach identified that the Maple Leafs’ effort isn’t registering well on an infrequently mentioned device called the “Give-a-S— Meter.”

“It’s just effort. It was lethargic. There was no effort,” Horachek said, via CBS Sports. “If we’re working and cheating to go somewhere I can say, listen, we can do this better, but it starts with … with the whole … the … the give a shit meter has to be higher.”

Well stated. The Maple Leafs have 27 games left in its nightmare season, more than enough time to get some better readings on the aforementioned meter. If not, some players — not to mention the interim coach — will be faced with the unsavory option of being hooked up to the “Don’t-Let-The-Door-Hit-You-On-The-Rear-End-On-The-Way-Out-The-Door Meter,” which is never an apparatus one wishes to be measured on.