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Charges dropped against Browns fan accused of urinating on Art Modell’s grave


Charges have been dropped against a self-professed Cleveland Browns fan who was accused of urinating on Art Model’s grave, according to a report from The Baltimore Sun.

Paul Serbu, 62, of Franklin, Ohio, received a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct in a cemetery related to an incident spawned by a YouTube video posted last July that showed the Browns fan appearing to urinate on the grave of Modell.

The original video, entitled, “Browns Fan ‘Pays Respects’ to Modell,” Serbu is shown in an Ed Reed jersey before removing it to reveal a Lyle Alzado-Browns jersey.

Serbu then appears to use a tube and catheter to release urine on Modell’s gravesite, saying, “As far as [urinating] on your grave, I had no choice. Anyone who says, ‘[It’s been] 15 years, let it go’ … you let it go.”

WARNING: Video contains profanity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Modell of course was the longtime owner of the Browns responsible for moving the franchise to Baltimore ahead of the 1996 NFL season. Serbu’s utilization of the phrase, “I had no choice” is a reference to what Modell said to justify relocating the team.

As a condition of the charges being dropped on Tuesday, Baltimore County Deputy State’s Attorney John Cox said Serbu has agreed to make a radio appearance with Modell’s son, David, in order to address the incident.

Cox also noted the presence of some kind of “physical condition” afflicting Serbu, but declined to expand upon it, reportedly suggesting that it would be inappropriate to do so.

Cox added that resolving the case in this manner is an acceptable one for all parties involved or affected by the alleged incident. Serbu faced upwards of two years in jail and a $500 fine if he had been found guilty of the charges.

“We talked about a resolution that we all felt was appropriate,” Cox said. “Mr. Modell suggested that this individual have an opportunity to apologize, and then converse with him on his radio show.”