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88-year-old Lew Dunlap ‘charges’ mound at Rockies fantasy camp (vid)


Just because it’s called a fantasy camp does not mean that stuff can’t get “real” pretty quick. Just ask Lew Dunlap, an 88-year-old participant in a fantasy camp put on by the Colorado Rockies.

While spryly standing — for a man of his age — in the batter’s box awaiting his chance at an at-bat, Dunlap was on the receiving end of a relatively high and somewhat tight fastball —  a little sweet chin music — something that Dunlap didn’t take too kindly to, nor did he choose to stand idly by and tolerate such an egregious affront to his honor.

With bat in hand, Dunlap took a few strides toward the pitcher’s mound before the home plate umpire played peacekeeper and halted Dunlap’s slow stroll to deliver some curmudgeonly comeuppance.

Dunlap’s “Take No Guff” attitude has inspired the Rockies to create a new hashtag, “#YoureMyBoyLew,” one that surely will be a real big hit with the senior set on social media, which may not be the most populous contingent, but boy oh boy, it’s best to not mess with them, consarn it!

The only question that remains about Dunlap’s plate appearance is the identity of the pitcher who would so egregiously throw a brush back pitch at a senior citizen. Whoever it was, there’s a good chance he or she was inspired by Cosmo Kramer’s fantasy camp antics.

Yep, Lew Dunlap does have a little bit of Joe Pepitone in him, clearly, what with the crowding of the plate and everything.

Lew Dunlap: A true baseball icon.

[H/T Cut4, top image credit: Colorado Rockies/Twitter]