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Malcolm Butler’s ‘MVP truck’ replaces SUV he purchased for $8K last year


The saga surrounding the truck Tom Brady received for being named MVP of Super Bowl XLIX finally has reached its conclusion and it has a happy ending. The massive tax hit the New England Patriots quarterback reportedly would have been on the hook for due to the act of generosity appears to have been avoided and the desired recipient, Patriots cornerback and Super Bowl hero Malcolm Butler, will still be the owner of the 2015 Chevy Colorado truck.

Derek Simpson, Butler’s agent, confirmed reports that surfaced over the weekend on Tuesday, telling USA TODAY Sports that all the details have been worked out and his client will pay the taxes associated with the transaction. The $35,000 value of the truck will be counted as income for Butler and he will be taxed on that figure.

Simpson noted that Brady “was so gracious with the whole thing,” and that the new ride will replace an older model Chevy SUV that Butler, an undrafted free agent, purchased for about $8,000 last summer when he made the Patriots roster.

It is somewhat surprising how everything has played out with this tale. After all, the combined net worth of Brady and his wife Gisele Bundchen recently was estimated to be in the range of $410 million. Butler, on the other hand, earned $585,000 last season. Perhaps Brady will slide Butler the amount owed to Uncle Sam “under the table” in a very hush-hush cash transaction.

It was reported last week that Chevrolet had considered giving the truck outright to Butler, and in a way, the automaker is doing just that, according to Chevy spokesman Michael Albano. Butler reportedly will be given the keys to his new truck in Boston on Tuesday.

The story about an NFL player driving around in an old car isn’t a new one. Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris not only was driving an old, beat-up 1991 Mazda 626 when he made it to the NFL, he kept it to keep himself humble. In fact, Mazda even refurbished the car after the interesting story surfaced.