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Some NFL Network employees reportedly relieved Warren Sapp got fired


Some of Warren Sapp’s NFL Network colleagues apparently are quite happy that the analyst is no longer their co-worker. The NFL Hall of Famer, who was unceremoniously fired after his arrest for allegedly soliciting a prostitute as well as assault in Phoenix, Ariz., early Monday morning following Super Bowl XLIX.

According to a TMZ report, at least a dozen of Sapp’s colleagues anonymously came forward and expressed relief that the “unpredictable” on-air talent is no longer with NFL Network.

Sapp’s co-workers, “ranging from low-level people all the way up to big shots,” told TMZ that there was some kind of “Sapp Disclaimer” that unofficially was in play during his tenure with the network.

The no-nos on the so-called disclaimer included that one shouldn’t look him in the eyes, that it was not advisable to try and befriend him as well as the edict that he wanted to be referred to as “Warren,” never Sapp.

On the other hand, others who anonymously discussed the NFL Network terminating Sapp’s contract said that he wasn’t as bad as believed, although those who expressed some semblance of support stopped short of actually complimenting him.

“I know certain people [at the Network] complained about the guy a lot but overall he was always cool,” one network employee stated. “Just unpredictable.”

“Warren has had one too many chances to get it right, and it just didn’t work out for him,” another added. “We all wish him well in the end.”

Sapp’s arrest last week stemmed from an alleged disagreement over payment with two women believed to be escorts, resulting in him being booked on one count of solicitation of prostitution and two counts of assault, all misdemeanors.

Sapp’s tenure with the NFL Network was not without controversy, nor was this most recent brush with the law the first time higher-ups considered cutting ties with him. Sapp was pulled off the air temporarily in 2010 after he was arrested and charged with domestic battery while serving as an analyst for the NFL Network’s coverage of Super Bowl XLIV. Charges were later dropped in this case, but the embarrassing incident likely contributed in the network’s decision to cut Sapp loose.

Either way, it appears that Sapp’s presence at the Super Bowl can prove to be a potentially volatile mix. Whether or not he ever gets another job in the media, he would be well-advised to steer clear of Super Bowl sites.

(photo credit: Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office)