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Here’s a pretty ‘cool’ place to stay in Brooklyn on NBA All-Star Weekend (pic)


With NBA All-Star Weekend set to descend upon Brooklyn and Barclays Center between Feb. 13-15, some very savvy — and snarky — entrepreneurs are attempting to preemptively capitalize on what should be a great demand for lodging accommodations in the burgeoning and bustling NYC borough.

With most high-end hotel rooms in all likelihood already snatched up, some folks planning on spending the weekend in Brooklyn to enjoy all the trappings and festivities associated with the NBA’s signature midseason event may have to slightly lower their standards to make sure they have somewhere to crash at end of the night.

And that’s when one must have to turn to — gulp — craigslist to find somewhere to stay. And here’s one of the “rooms” available.

Behold, would-be All-Star Weekend attendees, a “Lovely Bushwick 1 BR Available For All-Star Weekend (Brooklyn).”


What looks like nothing more than a shoveled-out snowbank of a hovel, the individuals behind the listing understand that, as Kramer once put it, you don’t sell the steak, you sell the sizzle. Or something. Quoting Cosmo again, allow your buyer’s bone to be tickled (via craigslist):

Getting hyped for the 2015 NBA All Star weekend? Want to come to Brooklyn but don’t know where to stay? I’ve got you covered. This cozy 1 BR is brand new, features free air-conditioning, curbside check-in, lots of natural light (both the sun’s and the beer), and just a few stops away from The Barclays Center on the G train.

Sounds delightful, although there is no mention of free turndown service courtesy of some passerby, which in all likelihood would be some Brooklynite hipster.

And the cost arguably is the best selling point. For the entire weekend, this roomy, dug-out snowbank will only run a person $1,300. That’s a steal for New York. An added bonus: The listing notes that “[d]iscounts available for Knicks fans who’ve spent their life savings on season tickets this year.” A nice touch.

It’s been said that even paltry, substandard rooms can cost a king’s ransom in New York. This listing shows that’s not necessarily the case. You just need to know where to look.

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