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Chevy rep: Company has ‘discussed’ giving Malcolm Butler his own MVP truck


It looks like the entire Super Bowl XLIX MVP Truck saga may have a happy ending, thanks to Chevy. Tom Brady of course led the New England Patriots to a 28-24 victory over the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLIX. His 37-for-50, 328-yard, four-touchdown performance earned him MVP honors, which this season included the reward of a 2015 Chevy Colorado truck.

Stories began to surface that Brady wanted to give the truck to Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, whose clutch interception at the goal line in the waning moments of the game sealed New England’s victory. An argument could be made that Butler was at least co-MVP of the game for his late-game heroics, and Brady apparently agreed.

One roadblock, pothole, detour — insert other driving-related analogy here — however stood in the way of Brady simply giving Butler the truck: The Internal Revenue Service.

Forbes reports that Brady would be on the hook for a sizable tax debt for gifting the truck to Butler outright. Between the “taxable prize” amount of $13,500 in income tax Brady would be assessed, he would also incur additional costs due to gift taxes amounting to $8,000. All told, Brady would owe about $21,500 to Uncle Sam if he gifted the truck to Butler, an amount made more absurd given the overall fair market value of the vehicle is in the range of $34,000, meaning it would cost Brady over half the value of the darn truck simply for trying to be a nice guy.

That’s when Chevy comes in. A company rep reportedly has said the automaker has considered giving Butler his own Chevy truck and spare the headaches and hassles courtesy of the taxman.

“Obviously, it was part of his prize as MVP, but we’re aware of Tom Brady’s wishes for Malcolm to have the truck,” the rep told TMZ.

When asked if Chevy intends to give Butler his own fancy-schmancy truck of his own, the rep indicated the wheels are in motion, so to speak.

“We’ve discussed it,” the rep told the gossip site. “That’s all I can really say right now.”

For some reason, this story with its potential happy ending about Chevy trying to perform a solid makes one hearken back to the days of old when Chevy’s commercial theme song was the Bob Seger feelgood classic, “Like a Rock.” Good stuff.

At the same time, there’s no way that Brady would ever be caught driving the truck in the first place, nor would the Brady Brood have to scrimp and save just to scrape by after the taxman comes calling to collect what its owed. Still, kudos to Chevy. And not a bad PR move, to boot.

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