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Makes sense: Rob Gronkowski’s adult beverage of choice? Espresso martinis


Rob Gronkowski is the NFL’s poster boy for high-energy antics, both on and off the field. He also has been known to enjoy an adult beverage from time to time.

In light of his always-on personality, whenever the New England Patriots tight end has a hankering for an alcoholic drink not made with malted barley and hops, only one caffeine-infused cocktail apparently will do the trick.

Nope, not Jägerbombs — although it’s likely Gronk imbibes on those frat house shot-staples as well — Gronk reportedly will turn to a more sophisticated adult beverage to quench his thirst.

Espresso martinis.

Gronkowski was spotted “downing the sweet, strong and creamy drinks” at an L.A. nightspot following his Monday appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” per a “Page Six” report.

“Spies said Rob, his father, brothers and several friends ordered a slew of sushi, and an insider confirmed that Gronk ordered four of the martinis during the night,” adds “Page Six.”

Obviously, the preference for such a high-octane drink jibes with the way most folks perceive Gronk. Moreover, his hard-partying antics at another club later in the evening — where he reportedly danced on tables, hooted and hollered and later split his pants — certainly indicates the caffeinated cocktail did the trick, giving him enough “get up and go” to keep the festivities going into the wee hours of Tuesday morning.

The tight end finally suffered a caffeine crash after his wild night out on the town, evidenced by his post to Twitter which featured a conked-out Gronk sleeping on an airport floor.

After a time of touch-and-go when it looked like Gronkowski might not make it back to Boston in time to attend New England’s Super Bowl victory parade, things fell into place and the Patriots superstar was back at it on Wednesday, chugging beers and stealing the show as the team and its fans relished yet another Super Bowl championship.

In other words, there’s nothing that’s going to keep Gronk down for long and not much time is needed for this guy to recharge his batteries and get ready to rage again. It’s these kind of exploits that seem to prompt so much interest in Gronkowski’s off-the-field activities. When explaining during Super Bowl Week the reason why folks are so fascinated with his partying habits, Gronkowski succinctly stated, “I’m a baller.” Indeed.

(image credit: Cal Sport Media via AP Images)