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50 Cent’s atrocious first pitch commemorated in Topps special card series (pic)


It was announced in January that Topps would be releasing a special 15-card series to commemorate all that is wonderful — and often, horrible — about ceremonial first pitches before Major League Baseball games. In a decision that is hardly surprising but completely fantastic was the news that 50 Cent’s atrociously awful first pitch effort before a New York Mets game during the 2014 MLB season made the cut.

And why not? The hip hop mogul’s awkward and hilarious attempt at reaching the mitt of the catcher — much less landing anywhere near the plate — arguably was one of the worst first pitches in the long and storied and frequently embarrassing history of terrible tosses.

To wit:


And here’s the card that memorializes in baseball card form 50 Cent’s infamous performance (via New York Mets/Twitter):


Fantastic. But if any baseball card in the history of baseball cards ever deserved holographic treatment, it would be the 50 Cent card, simply to capture the sublime atrociousness of his pitching form.

Some suspected that the rapper’s woeful effort was some kind of hackneyed publicity stunt. If so, a job well done. In fact, 50 Cent was honored in the MLB Network Social Media Awards by being named the person behind the “Most Memorable First Pitch” of the 2014 MLB season. A deserving honor, to be sure, but he didn’t seem too impressed with the distinction.

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“These people sent me,the most f—-d up pitch award. Ain’t this a B—h. Lmao But it ain’t funny,” he wrote on Instagram.

While 50 Cent’s foray into first pitches perhaps was the pinnacle of hurling hilarity, the rest of the 15-card set also celebrates the likes of Eddie Vedder, Jack White, Biz Markie and “The Dude” himself, Jeff Bridges, performing their ceremonial mound tosses. Also included, per a Beckett report, are a “105-year-old named Agnes McKee, who threw out the first pitch at a Padres game last July, a man named Tom Willis who threw out a first pitch.”

The card series’ release date is Feb. 6 and is included in this year’s first set of cards, the 2015 Topps Series 1.