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Rob Gronkowski in full-on ‘Gronk Mode’ at Super Bowl parade (pic/vid)


Thank the heavens Rob Gronkowski made it back to Boston in time for the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl parade. His absence would have cast a pall over the entire day’s festivities. The phenomenal display of unabashed beer-chugging, sans any notion of the need of maintaining any sense of highfalutin decorum.

To put Gronk’s presence in perspective and how it would have been a total drag without him, does anyone think any other member of the Patriots would have elected to rock a “Minion” hat? Don’t think so.

Rob Gronkowski: Shine on, you crazy diamond, and keep letting that freak flag fly. Beer-chugging and Minion-hat wearing included.

Oh, and then there’s this (via Deadspin):

Fantastic. The world is Rob Gronkowski’s epic frat party, everyone.

(top image via Brad Salmanac/Twitter)