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Rob Gronkowski almost didn’t make it back for Patriots’ Super Bowl parade


What kind of Super Bowl parade party would it be with Rob Gronkowski on the scene? It was far too close for comfort, as the New England Patriots almost were faced with the dire notion of having to celebrate its latest Super Bowl championship on Wednesday without their dynamic, gifted and oft-outrageous superstar.

After a whirlwind couple of days on the West Coast where a celebratory Gronkowski, like Bruce Banner transforming into The Hulk, allowed the “Gronk” inside come out and play following a triumphant Super Bowl XLIX win in the desert. Gronkowski was all over the place. In TMZ videos, in a memorably hilarious appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” partying with Flo Rida, you name, Gronk was everywhere, doing all the things one has come to expect of the New England Patriots tight end when he unleashes the beast and becomes his “Gronkian” alter ego.

His whirlwind celebration culminated with the posting of a photo (above) showcasing how Gronk was all conked out on the floor of some airport.

“Sleeping in airport. Trying to make it home for a parade,” Gronkowski wrote in a post to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon.

Shortly after Gronkowski’s passed-out post, one of his agents, Tommy May, posted a plea on social media begging American Airlines to assist his client in finding a flight out of Dallas so the tight end could make it back East in time for the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade and assorted festivities.

Presumably much to the chagrin of May, not to mention his client, the airline’s response wasn’t an all-out, call-to-arms reply they expected (screengrab via Sporting News):


But have no fear, folks. Gronkowski himself notified social media that he had in fact finally made it back home and all was well with the world.

Encouraging news. Because — of course — there ain’t no Super Bowl Parade Party like Gronkian Super Bowl Parade Party because a Gronkian Super Bowl Parade Party goes … yadda yadda yadda.