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Colts’ D’Qwell Jackson arrested, accused of punching pizza delivery guy


Indianapolis Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson, whose interception of a Tom Brady pass in the AFC Championship Game at least in part helped launch the Deflategate scandal, has been arrested and charged with assault.

The alleged assault occurred in Washington D.C., and sources confirm that Jackson was arrested related to an incident stemming from a confrontation between the NFL player and a pizza delivery employee over an apparent dispute regarding a parking spot.

According to a report from WJLA ABC-7 in D.C., Jackson punched the pizza delivery guy after the 41-year-old victim informed the Colts player that he intended to use the parking spot in question for a few minutes.

Jackson reportedly became upset, yelled an “expletive” from his parking space before punching the victim in the face and in the back of the head.

The Colts have stated that they are aware of the incident but had no further comment at the moment.

As noted by Pro Football Talk, Jackson not only will have to deal with the potential legal repercussions of the assault charge, his alleged conduct could be in violation of the NFL’s new personal conduct policy, with possible consequences ranging from paid leave to being barred from participating in Colts team activities.

While Jackson’s interception is credited with providing the Colts the ability to make officials aware of the possibility that the Patriots were deflating footballs, the linebacker conceded later that he doesn’t handle footballs enough to be able to ascertain if the ball was underinflated or not.

(photo credit: Jim Davis/The Boston Globe)