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Byron Scott takes shot at Jason Kidd: ‘He was kind of known as being an a–hole’


It’s a rare occurrence indeed for a member of any coaching fraternity, no matter the sport, to come out and essentially badmouth a fellow head coach, even in a veiled manner. But given the rumored bad blood from days gone by that apparently exists between Byron Scott and Jason Kidd, perhaps the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers head coach took a shot at the Milwaukee Bucks head coach shouldn’t be all that surprising.

With the Bucks in town to face the Lakers at Staples Center on Wednesday night, Scott was asked about his history with Kidd, whom he had coached for about three-and-a-half seasons during his tenure with the New Jersey Nets, which ended in January 2004 when he was fired.

Scott didn’t hold back when discussing his former point guard, to put it mildly.

When asked about the “unique personality” that is Jason Kidd, Scott characterized the point guard-turned-head coach in a wholly different and unflattering manner.

“He was kind of known as being an a–hole,” Scott quipped, according to a tweet from the Orange County Register’s Bill Oram.

Oram notes via his Twitter account that Scott was “mostly diplomatic” when discussing Kidd, but that did not mean that the Lakers head coach insinuated that everything is hunky-dory between the two.

“Cordial. And that’s about as good as it’s gonna get, too,” Scott replied when asked about his current relationship with Kidd.

The prevailing speculation is that Scott’s unfavorable view of Kidd stems from the rumors that swirled upon the time he was terminated by the Nets after leading the team to consecutive trips to the NBA Finals in the previous two seasons. The belief was that Kidd may have had a hand in convincing Nets brass to give Scott his walking papers, something the Lakers coach still isn’t sure whether it is true or not.

“That’s all I’ve heard. Now did he actually go and talk to Rod Thorn & those guys? I don’t know,” Scott said Wednesday.

At the time of Scott’s dismissal, both then-Nets GM Rod Thorn and Kidd vehemently denied that the point guard conspired to get Scott canned.

Scott, meanwhile, seemed taken aback by the notion that Kidd was behind his firing, saying at the time he was “very surprised” by the rumors and that believed he and Kidd “always got along.”

It’s amazing how a few years can change a person’s perspective — or allow a person to finally speak the truth — because Scott’s comments don’t indicate that he necessarily felt the two ever got along.

(Photo credit: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post)