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Russell Wilson dealt with Super Bowl despair with haircut, shave (photos)


Members of the Seattle Seahawks organization, to a man (and woman) — not to mention the team’s presumably devastated and shell-shocked fans — probably navigated Monday agonizing over the utterly unbelievable ending to Super Bowl XLIX, presumably doing so while in a haze of surrealistic despair.

When confronted with such a dire situation, it is best to plan something nice for oneself — something to soothe the tortured body, mind and soul — perhaps an outing that involves some semblance of relaxation and comfort

That apparently is the manner in which Russell Wilson opted to deal with his personal version of Super Bowl heartbreak hell, as the quarterback took some time to get a haircut and a shave … make that more than some time, it actually was quite a bit of time.

According to the timestamps associated with the below photos that Wilson posted to Instagram, from the moment a shaggy-haired and scruffy-bearded Wilson sat down in the chair and later emerged a cleaner-cut version of himself, approximately two-and-a-half-hours had transpired.


And after…

Looking slick. One thing is for certain: Wilson’s “playoff hair and beard” — if that’s the meaning behind the look — are no more. The heartbreak and devastation, however, probably will hang around for quite a bit longer, and it will take more than a barber armed with a scissor, clippers and a razor.

[H/T The Big Lead, top image credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports)