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Chandler Parsons named best-looking NBA player by fans in Japan (photo)


In what has to be an extremely flattering development for Chandler Parsons, the Dallas Mavericks star — and apparent heartthrob — has been named the “most handsome young NBA star by Japanese fans” according to a WOWWOW Inc. Japan, an outfit that broadcasts NBA games in that country.

In a nifty certificate Parsons personally and proudly displayed, the esteemed “award” features the following message:

Mr. Chandler Parsons

For good looking guy on and off the court Award. You have been chosen the most handsome young NBA star by Japanese fans.

Officially recommended by Eir Kimura

(WOWWOW NBA Broadcaster)

Wishing you the best this season and hoping that you will remember that all your Japanese fans are with you.

2 February 2015

Quite the honor, indeed.


ESPN Dallas’ Tim McMahon notes in a tweet that perhaps Parsons is secure enough in his relative handsomeness that an award announcing such was not necessary. “Like his ego needed boost,” McMahon dryly notes.

Far be it from anyone to dispute the notion that Parsons is in fact a handsome NBA player. In fact, if there was a Lank Thompson of NBA players, Parsons certainly would be one of the guys who could fit the bill.

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