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Seahawks fans can store team-themed marijuana in ’12th Man’ stash jar (pic)


It’s hardly surprising that the entire city of Seattle, not to mention the entire State of Washington — and beyond — are suffering through a case of full-blown Super Bowl XLIX fever. The mania surrounding the region’s beloved Seattle Seahawks bid to win a second-straight Super Bowl even reaches into segments of the population one wouldn’t necessarily assume would be prone to getting caught up in the frenzy: The state’s (legalized) marijuana subculture.

What also isn’t surprising is that entrepreneurs from every corner of commerce (hello, Skittles-infused Beast Mode sausage) is attempting to capitalize and turn a profit on the Seahawks’ Super Bowl craze. And that includes proprietors operating in the marijuana business, like the outfits selling “Beast Mode 2.0” bud and “The 12th Pack” featuring hand-rolled joints containing “Seahawk Blend” bud.

The desire to profit off marijuana aficionados who also are big-time Seahawks backers even has trickled down to eBay, where pot-loving members of 12th Man Nation can purchase a pretty nifty container in which they can store their Seahawks-themed weed.

Behold, the “12th Man Stash Jar.”


According to the item’s eBay listing, “Support the Hawk as they head to the Super Bowl again. Tired of stashing your MJ in boring jars? Keep your weed fresh longer and do it in style. Dope Jars™ is what you get when you combine quality glass, rad designs, and precise etching. See for yourself. Many rad designs to choose from.”

Rad, indeed. Far out, even. Can you dig it, man?

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