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Eric Decker to Richard Sherman: ‘Time your conception a little better’


While the NFL world debates whether or not Richard Sherman should skip Super Bowl XLIX so he can be present in the delivery room should his girlfriend go into labor before the big game, New York Jets wide receiver offered a wry commentary that would have helped the Seattle Seahawks superstar avoid the conundrum altogether.

Be more careful regarding the timing of conception.

Criticizing Sherman’s non-answer — “We’ll cross that bridge when we get there,” Sherman said about his potential game day dilemma — as a “cop out,” Decker provided his thoughts on the issues presented because of the baby’s due date.

“Well, it’s different when it’s a girlfriend and a wife. So I think if it was my wife giving birth, you know, ultimately I believe my purpose is to be a father and a husband,” Decker said during an interview on New York’s WFAN, via the New York Daily News. “It’s easy to say that now because I’m not preparing for the game and I’m not in that situation. But with a clear mind, I guess, thinking about that situation he’s in — I mean, you never want to be in it. You’ve gotta time your conception a little better, I would say. But I would be there for my wife and my newborn child.”

Decker is married to country music singer Jessie James Decker, and the two welcomed their first child, daughter Vivianne Rose, last March.

“I couldn’t miss that,” said Decker, about his daughter’s birth. “That’s the Super Bowl of my life.”

Decker had to come to the defense of his wife on a number of occasions this past season due to her calling out Jets fans trolling him on Twitter, among other things. It is possible that Decker once again may be on the receiving end of some backlash for his comments about Sherman, at least from Seahawks fans.