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Tom Brady posts pic of himself dressed up as Joe Montana, circa 1983 (photo)


Tom Brady has become a social media force to be reckoned with as it relates the “Throwback Thursday” game this season.

The New England Patriots quarterback took to Facebook and posted a photo of his six-year-old self dressed up as his boyhood idol, Joe Montana, presumably for Halloween.

“I’ve been preparing for Sunday since 1983! Ha,” Brady writes on Facebook.

With a victory in Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday, Brady can join his childhood hero — as well as Terry Bradshaw — as the only quarterbacks in NFL history to win four Super Bowls, something that is not lost on the Patriots signal-caller.

“Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana won four,” Brady said. “A couple guys have won three. Troy Aikman won three. It’s tough to do every year. Everyone starts at the bottom. Everyone is trying to claw their way to the top. There is a lot of attrition that sets in. It’s a tough challenge. It’s a tough journey. To be one of the last two teams standing is a great accomplishment. Only one of the two teams now is going to feel good at this time next week. I hope we’re that team.”

Brady of course will be competing in his sixth Super Bowl, and given that he didn’t expect to play in even one coming out of college as a relatively unheralded prospect when the Patriots selected him the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, he’s grateful for and appreciative of the chance to play in another one.

“To have an opportunity to play in this game is really unbelievable,” Brady said. “I never thought I’d have the experience to play in one of these. To think that it’s my sixth time, I can’t imagine that was ever …  I didn’t think I’d ever play anything professionally. Certainly to make it to the Super Bowl is a pretty amazing experience. Six times is very, very special.”

As far as Montana is concerned, Brady is blown away that his name can be uttered in the same breath as the Hall of Famer.

“It’s flattering anytime you’re mentioned with great players and guys I idolized growing up,” Brady said earlier this week, via “I don’t ever see myself on that level. I can be a pretty tough critic on myself. I respect all the guys who played this game before me. I understand how challenging it is to play the position. There are a lot of guys who do it at a high level currently. There’s a lot of guys that have done it at a really high level in the past. I have a lot of respect for those guys and what they were able to accomplish.”

As noted, Brady has been killing it with his “Throwback Thursday” posts this season (see here). But his social media antics are not limited to Thursdays, as evidenced by this humorous post from Wednesday.

Somewhat of a played bit, but amusing nevertheless.