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Seattle marijuana business rolling 12,000 ’12th Pack’ joints for Super Bowl


As far as Seattle Seahawks fans with an affinity for marijuana are concerned, it’s time to step aside — but mellowly — Beast Mode 2.0. Make way for the “12th Pack.”

Sales have been remarkably brisk in Seattle and beyond (in Washington) for a subtly themed pot product paying tribute to the Seahawks’ “12th Man,” the term used to describe the rabid, raucous and exceedingly loud fan base that populates CenturyLink Field on game days to cheer on the city’s NFL team.

Called the “12th Pack,” the product is the brainchild of Solstice — a major marijuana development and cultivating operation based in Seattle but with sales outposts spread throughout Washington State — it consists of 12 pre-rolled joints dedicated to — and produced for — Seahawks fans.

“Are you ready for Super Bowl XLIX Sunday? We’ve got something that should help! A limited run of Pre-roll packs made exclusively for you, the 12th Man,” Solstice states in an announcement on its official website.

An accompanying video became such a hit — pun intended — that the “12th Pack” product sold out within 15 minutes upon its release.

 “The 12th Pack” features “Seahawk Blend” pot and Solstice has significantly ramped up production.

“We definitely weren’t ready for the speed of it,” said Joe Santucci, via KING-5. “We’ve had to switch everything over. We have stopped trimming. We have stopped packing capsules.”

Katy Filippone, an employee who works Solstice’s production room, said she can roll between 180 and 220 joints during an eight-hour shift, more than twice her usual output. That’s a lot of doobies and Filippone blew off any notion that it’s grueling work.

“It’s not like I go home with cramps or anything,” she said, smiling.

Solstice will need employees to match Filippone’s joint-twisting productivity if the outfit aims to reach its goal of having 12,000 joints rolled before Super Bowl Sunday and the plan is for “The 12th Pack” will be available in 26 stores across Washington by Sunday.

Patriots fans apparently have begun razzing Solstice and Seahawks fans over the plan, referring to them as “stoners.”

“And to that we just respond, ‘We play within the rules of our state. That’s something you should advise your team to do,'” Santucci retorted.

A totally far out zinger, man.