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Marshawn Lynch wanted to treat linemen to Sizzler after high school game (vid)


Marshawn Lynch may be the most tight-lipped NFL player in the history of the league when it concerns dealing with conventional media types — obviously as evidenced by his relying upon repeating the same line over and over to stiff arm reporters during Super Bowl Week (here and here). But in high school, the man who evolved into NFL Media Enemy No. 1 was one loquacious, effervescent and entertaining interview subject.

A video has surfaced of an on-field interview Lynch conducted following a dominant gridiron performance during his high school days, and it causes one to yearn for the day — that likely will never happen — when the Seattle Seahawks running back again opens up to reporters.

A shirtless Lynch enthusiastically praises the work performed by his offensive linemen in a game when he led Oakland Tech to a 55-47 victory, rushing for 163 yards and four touchdowns on 21 carries. So impressed with his guys in the trenches, Lynch says he wishes he could treat them all to Sizzler.

“Our linemen??? Oh my God, if my linemen wasn’t so good, oh my God, I don’t know what to do,” Lynch exclaims. “And me being as broke as I am, I’m about to find a way to treat my linemen to Sizzler.”

Yes, Sizzler.

Fantastic. The addition of a clip from “White Men Can’t Jump” was a nice touch to the video’s production. Well done.

[H/T For the Win]