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Even Katy Perry’s halftime costume will be scanned by Super Bowl security


Katy Perry, the halftime performer at Super Bowl XLIX, is famous for the outrageous outfits she dons during her concerts and in her music videos. But who could have figured that the attire she’ll be wearing onstage during her halftime performance could pose a possible security threat?

Apparently that’s the case, as Perry’s costume is among the seemingly endless items that will undergo a rigorous screening process before it is allowed to be taken inside University of Phoenix Stadium.

“Katy Perry’s stage came in last night,” customs and border protection program manager Ronald Nunn said, via ABC News, detailing the tight security organized for the Super Bowl. “We’ve got port-a-potties. We’ve got everything — food, hot dogs, hamburgers, the NFL paraphernalia, jerseys, everything.”

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told ABC News that security experts are focusing on “lone wolf-style attacks” but are and will remain on high alert from this point forward. Bomb-sniffing dogs and security personnel outfitted with portable radiation detectors will be deployed as part of the massive operation.

“Our challenges in Homeland Security are evolving. We have more concerns about domestic-based acts of violence, inspired by things people may see or read on the Internet,” he said.

Johnson claims that there have been no serious threats around the game that could be deemed credible, but that does not mean the security protocol will be altered. In fact, 30 miles of airspace have been deemed a no fly zone around the stadium and “U.S. Customs Black Hawk helicopter, part of a fleet of aircraft guarding the Super Bowl from above. F-16 fighter jets will also be in the air,” per the ABC News report. It certainly appears that University of Phoenix Stadium has been and will be locked down tighter than Fort Knox.

Just ask the person in charge of Katy Perry’s performance wardrobe.