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Did Tiger Woods intentionally skull a bunker shot into the gallery? (video)


While it will be impossible to confirm save for a confession from Tiger Woods himself — which seems awfully unlikely — it certainly appeared that the golfer intentionally skulled a shot out of a bunker on Wednesday into the gallery.

Woods was competing in a pro-am event at TPC Scottsdale ahead of the Waste Management Phoenix Open when his tee shot at the infamous 16th hole found a greenside bunker.

As the renowned, rowdy and raucous patrons are wont to do at that hallowed hole — voraciously cheer good shots, vitriolically boo bad ones, the spectators apparently let Woods have it for his poor shot, booing him as he strolled down to the bunker.

That’s when Woods seemingly responded to the gallery’s ire by appearing to drill his bunker shot wayward … directly into the spectators along the Thunderdome-esque, stadium-style grandstands that surround the infamous hole, eliciting a noticeable response from the crowd.

As noted above, it will be difficult to prove intent here, but many suspect that there’s no way Woods didn’t skull his shot on purpose. But he apparently did smile afterward.

It’s a significant departure from Woods’ normally humorless countenance on the golf course, perhaps indicating that he is open to being in on all the out-of-the-ordinary, fan-friendly fun that typically occurs during this tournament. It’s amazing the positive effect a full compliment of teeth can have on a person.

[H/T, image credit: Tom Tingle/The Republic)