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Candy store owner creates Deflategate-inspired chocolate football (photo)


A candy shop owner in Pennsylvania has crafted a confectionery-based creation that makes light of the New England Patriots’ Deflategate controversy: A deflated chocolate football.

Bill Sarris, owner of Sarris Candies in Canonsburg, Pa., along with his staff, fashioned the so-called “Bradie Ball” — the name is inspired by Tom Brady but altered slightly for legal reasons — as an in-joke, but ever since a photograph was posted to Facebook, the popularity of the chocolatey send-up has soared, with a post that has had over 2,000 shares and 1,000-plus likes.

“Net weight 13 lbs … Oops! We meant 11.2 lbs,” read the Facebook post attached to the photograph, which is a slight “inflation” of the deflated chocolate football’s actual weight.

“We just did it for something cute to post online, just for fun, to see what people do,” said Sarris, via the Observer-Reporter.

Unfortunately, much to the chagrin of some customers, the chocolate football is not for sale. Sarris joked that of the approximately 30 calls from people inquiring about the football’s availability, most of them were Steelers fans who “wanted to beat up on New England.”

Sarris said that creating a deflated football in the medium of chocolate is not an easy task. It entailed a trial-and-error process that resulted in the first few attempts being dumped in the trash.

But the efforts from Sarris and his teams ultimately were rewarded with the “Bradie Ball.” And he isn’t interested in sharing any trade secrets.

“You’ll have to ask the Patriots how they did it,” Sarris quipped.

[New York Daily News, photo via Facebook]