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Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Week hairstyle update: Much less goofy Wednesday (pics)


Tom Brady caused a minor follicle-based frenzy during Tuesday’s Super Bowl Media Day courtesy of his somewhat … unorthodox hairstyle.

Brady’s ‘do was likened here to resembling an unkempt, bedhead-esque hairstyle that may result should a person try to comb their hair with a caramel apple. It was also compared to how the frontman of a cover band playing hits by The Cure may style his hair.

Be that as it may, Brady returned to center stage Wednesday modeling a much more conservative, significantly less goofy-looking hairstyle.

Now that the parameters on Tom Brady’s Super Bowl Week hairstyle spectrum have been set — straight-up strange on one end, pretty normal on the other — one can only venture to guess where the Patriots quarterback goes from here.

Thankfully for everyone — including Brady — the QB rocks much shorter hair these days compared to the long, flowing locks he once styled in the past.

To wit:


Hoo boy. But hey, at least he’s not talking nonstop about balls at this point, right?

Oh, and for what it’s worth: Brady on Wednesday mentioned that he is battling the symptoms of a cold. But let’s be honest, what everyone really cares about is his hair, not whether or not he’s got a case of the sniffles. Just as it should be.

 (photo credits: Elsa/Getty images, theScore/Twitter)