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Rob Gronkowski on why there’s immense interest in his party habits: ‘I’m a baller’

It would have been extremely difficult for Rob Gronkowski to top his performance on Tuesday during Super Bowl Media Day, what with his stupefied reading of a passage from the erotic novella, “A Gronking to Remember,” among other entertaining antics.

But the New England Patriots tight end at least maintained a level of excellence on Wednesday when interacting with the media, especially when the topic of his frat boy, party-hearty reputation became a topic of conversation.

As transcribed in an report:

Reporter: “There are a lot of young guys who have a good time. Why do you think there’s so much interest in your party habits or fun …?”

Gronkowski: “Uhh, ’cause I’m a baller? (laughs; beat) Is that a good answer? (REPORTER: “No, it’s a great answer.”) Aight.”

Great stuff. But in a candid moment Wednesday, Gronkowski discussed how much tireless effort is required to be a top-notch NFLer and how he’s all-in on the demands and want to be taken seriously for it.

“I feel like they underestimate the hard work and dedication behind the scenes for everyone,” he said Wednesday. “Just going in the weight room when it’s your time to work out, the meetings behind the scenes, the practicing during the week. I mean, I feel like some people just look at it like you go out there on game day and play, but that’s not really the case. You always have to be taking care of your body throughout the whole week, in the morning and all the way through nighttime, getting sleep. So, people kind of underestimate the hard work and dedication that goes into the week to get prepared for the games on Sunday.”

Despite his “bad boy” reputation, Gronkowski, after suffering through a handful of injury-plagued seasons, has ascended the ranks is considered one of the better — if not the best — tight end in the game. His intense dedication to his craft and unparalleled work ethic is a woefully under-reported aspect of the man known as “Gronk.”

He has also made great strides in attempting to diminish the perception that he is an immature, partying playboy. Not that this isn’t a component of his personality — the guy owns a customized party bus, for crying out loud — but there is much more to Gronk than meets the eye, as documented in a fascinating profile of the incredibly talented tight end published in January in Sports Illustrated.

(photo credit: Matt Stone/Boston Herald)