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Michigan students brave the ‘Jim Harbaugh Breakfast Challenge’ (video)


A rabid outbreak of “Harbaughfluenza” has infected Michigan Wolverines fans and the alumni and students of the University of Michigan ever since Jim Harbaugh made his triumphant return to take over the school’s once-esteemed but currently struggling football program.

It’s hard to blame Wolverines Nation for their enthusiastic response to one of their own coming back in order to try to save the program, and given Harbaugh’s coaching résumé — both in college and the NFL — it’s difficult to dispute the belief that he will leave the football program in better shape than it was when he arrived, however long he sticks around.

The most recent demonstration of just how crazy it has gotten in Ann Arbor since Harbaugh’s arrival is how students recently took part in the disgusting “Jim Harbaugh Breakfast Challenge.”

A story circulated last week by Jay Harbaugh, the head coach’s son who has signed on to be an assistant on his father’s staff as tight ends coach, about how one time Daddy Harbaugh used Gatorade for his breakfast cereal upon discovering there was no milk in the house.

“This one time when I was a kid, we didn’t have any milk for cereal and I saw him put Gatorade in his cereal instead of milk,” the younger Harbaugh said in an interview. “It was the weirdest thing I ever saw. I didn’t try it – for good reason. That’s not where Gatorade goes.”


Well, some very brave members of the student body at Michigan — who previously scheduled a “Khaki Out” to welcome their football program’s presumed savior — put their fervor where there mouth is by attempting to eat cereal coated with Gatorade.

The outcome for some who embarked on said culinary adventure may come as a surprise.

Uh, gross, although some actually professed to actually enjoying it a little bit. It all depended on the particular combination of cereal and Gatorade flavor. In any event, this kind of spectacle is what Harbaughfluenza can do to a person.

“That kind of says a little bit about him, he just gets the job done,”  Jay Harbaugh said about his old man eating Gatorade-soaked cereal. “He doesn’t really care what it takes. He’s not picky.”

Considering Harbaugh is the same man who targeted a young boy and “hunted” him during a LaserTag game in an effort to win, not to mention being the same individual who offered up this bizarre, overenthusiastic tweet, nothing this guy does that is off-kilter should be surprising.

But just don’t try to emulate his antics. Just ask the above Michigan students.

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