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Tiger Woods gets tooth fixed, says ‘there was blood everywhere’ after incident


Tiger Woods is opening his 2015 season at the Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale this week. A photo snapped on the driving range shows the golfer showcasing a smile that reveals his tooth has been repaired in the aftermath of “IncisorGate.”

Despite the conflicting accounts from witnesses regarding exactly what transpired when Woods surprised girlfriend Lindsey Vonn on the slopes in Italy earlier this month, whatever happened resulted in the golfer getting one of his front teeth knocked out.

But Woods now has a smile that four out of five dentists likely would approve, flashing his pearly whites showcasing a full compliment of teeth for the camera (via Joe Fleming/Twitter).


Woods said Tuesday that he lost his tooth in the exact manner that his manager — and then Vonn — has previously stated: A media member with a shoulder-mounted video camera hit him in the mouth amid the frenzy.

“The photographer changed positions and I got hit,” Woods said Tuesday, via the USA Today.

Woods reports that it was a pretty ugly scene following the shot to the choppers.

“It was an accident,” added Woods, who apparently also suffered a cracked tooth to go along with the missing Chiclet. “And yes there was blood everywhere.”

As far as Woods is concerned, the entire mini-controversy is over and done. He’s instead choosing to focus on getting his season off to a solid start.

“All good now,” Woods quipped.

(top images credit: AP via New York Post)