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Rob Gronkowski reads kinky passage from ‘A Gronking to Remember’ (video)


Rob Gronkowski reading a salacious passage from “A Gronking to Remember,” the infamous erotic novella penned in sexualized admiration of all his Gronk-onian tendencies? You better believe it.

After all, it wouldn’t be Super Bowl Media Day without some awkward exchanges, bizarre questions and hilarious moments. With media credentials being handed out to non-traditional outlets (to put it kindly), the odds of an NFL player or coach complying with a strange request or engaging in surrealistic banter with some random, offbeat media member or another almost is a near-certainty.

Such was the case when someone asked Gronkowski to take a gander at a copy of “A Gronking to Remember.” Hilarity ensued.

Gronkowski spends a moment perusing the soft porn prose, before what’s contained therein elicits a response of “Wow” from the Patriots tight end.

Gronk then offers to read the first line of a passage, which reads, “In front of the entire country, Gronk‚Äôs spikes impacts right between my buttcheeks.”


“And the rest is pretty outrageous, too,” Gronkowski notes while grinning. “But it’s pretty funny.”

It’s not yet over, though. Gronk is then asked what it would be like if a woman actually ran out onto the field and he spiked a football between her buttcheeks. Gronkowski’s response? More gold.

“If someone wants it, that’d be pretty funny. Why not try that?”

Rob Gronkowski, ladies and gentlemen.

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