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‘Goodell Must Go’ mobile banners heading to Phoenix for Super Bowl Week


There will be a very vocal and highly visible presence in Phoenix during Super Bowl Week by those who believe that Roger Goodell should be removed from his position of commissioner.

Women’s group Ultraviolet has been highly critical of the NFL and Goodell since the initial stages of the league’s mishandling of the Ray Rice fiasco and how the league has dealt with domestic violence issues pervading the league. The organization issued a press release indicating that mobile billboards will be driven around the Phoenix area bearing the message, “Goodell Must Go” (via the Boston Globe’s Ben Volin):

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As noted, UltraViolet has been applying near-constant pressure on the NFL, demanding the league better address domestic violence.

In September, the organization flew a banner above MetLife Stadium, among other NFL stadiums, bearing the “#GoodellMustGo” message. Similarly themed banners reportedly were planned to be flown over both the NFC and AFC Championship Games on Jan. 18.

Sports Illustrated, after initially rejecting the ad, reportedly will air on Thursday a very controversial and incredibly dramatic ad on its website  in which a woman is violently tackled by a fully-uniformed football player. Following the shocking imagery, the ad notes that 55 domestic abuse cases in the NFL have gone unanswered under the leadership of Goodell. It follows below (via The Huffington Post):

An SI spokesperson reportedly told HuffPo that the ad was mistakenly rejected and the plan is to run the ad on the site on Thursday.

(photo credit: Robert Deutsch/USA TODAY Sports)