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Fire alarm at Patriots’ hotel goes off in early hours of Tuesday morning


It will be understandable if some members of the New England Patriots are a bit grumpy during Tuesday’s Super Bowl Media Day, and it will have nothing to do with the endless barrage of questions about Deflategate they undoubtedly will be forced to endure.

The Patriots, along with any other guests staying at their team hotel, were awoken at approximately 1:30 a.m. local time in Arizona after a fire alarm was sounded, per a Twitter accounting of the night’s events from’s Jeff Darlington.

Darlington called the “piercing” sound of the “blaring” alarm “annoying” and stated on Twitter that it lasted for “maybe 10 minutes.”

Hotel staff at the front desk reportedly characterized the alarm as “an anomaly,” but Darlington did stress that he could confirm that the hotel was not actually on fire.

It seems like nothing involving the Patriots this day is without some semblance of unneeded drama. At least in the case of the unexpected and irritating interruption of their sleep overnight likely was not caused — either directly or indirectly — by the team … unless that wily Bill Belichick staged the whole darn thing in some kind of twisted attempt to play mind games with his players to help them prepare for the many distractions facing them. It’s hard to put anything past that guy.

On the other hand, maybe the supposed locker room attendant, a/k/a the ludicrously tabbed “person of interest” behind Deflategate, had something to do with this annoyance as well. Once a patsy always a patsy, right?

(photo credit: Elsa/Getty Images)