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NFL was selling Seahawks collage featuring Marshawn Lynch crotch grab (pic)


A keen attention to detail is widely considered a much sought-after quality when it comes to any vocation or profession. Unfortunately for the NFL, the individual or individuals responsible for putting together a framed photo collage that touts the accomplishments of the Seattle Seahawks available for purchase on NFL Shop came up woefully short in that capacity.’s Mike Sando happened upon an otherwise pretty nifty piece of Seahawks memorabilia featuring the team’s oft-controversial running back Marshawn Lynch.

Among the photographs in the collage featuring Lynch include him hoisting the Lombardi Trophy but another photo highlights the running back engaging in a celebratory act that resulted in the NFL fining him last week.

Yep, the NFL actually was selling a collage that included Lynch committing his crotch-grab from the NFC Championship Game following his critical late-game touchdown, a gesture the league deemed “obscene” and in turn fined Lynch $20,000 in a ruling that came down last week.


Oops. To make matters worse, the ad showcasing the collage — which was going for a whopping $149.95, no less — actually included a link to an article (bottom right) that reported on said fine. Double-oops.

The NFL not shockingly has put the kibosh on the sale of the item, with NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy saying, “Any play that results in a fine may not be used commercially.” The listing on NFL Shop now does not feature an image including Lynch’s groin grab and the item is referred to as “discontinued.” Makes sense.

The NFL previously has come under fire for selling items that highlight acts by players deemed unsavory or inappropriate by the league. In 2010, the NFL pulled an item available for purchase that featured Pittsburgh Steelers lineback James Harrison laying a hit on Cleveland Browns receiver Mohamed Massaquoi that resulted in the imposition of a $75,000 fine.

But as far a Lynch is concerned, it seems anything involving the running back has the potential for controversy. He is without a doubt is one of the most compelling — and arguably misunderstood — players who will play in Super Bowl XLIX. Between strains of marijuana being named after him, Skittles-infused sausage being sold in Seattle in his honor and the possibility he will accrue an obscene amount of fines for violating the league’s stringent policies regarding player’s media availability, he will be one to watch during Super Bowl week.

(ad image credit: Twitter/Mike Sando)